Q: What is SOMFA?

A: Somali Minifootball Association SOMFA is the highest authority of Minifootball in Somalia. SOMFA affiliates in World Minifootball Federation WMF and AMF. Using its feeds, SOMFA creates ways to increase the number of spectators in football stadiums and, together with the activation of its membership base, increases the value of football towards its partners.

Q: Who are your partners?

A: See our partners listed below the about us page

Q: Where are your head offices?

Mogadishu, Somali

Q: Do you organize games?

A: We link grassroot players to international players, develop talents and prepare them for future exploitation. We mobilize spectators in stadiums during matches.

Q: Can I get to work with you?

A: You are invited to work with us, Write to us a detailed email with your proposal of work to the contacts given in the contact us page. Email: info@somaliaminifootball.com

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