A Somali relationship was founded in the year when it was 2015th, November 1st. This relationship is not known for the past 2015. The relationship has brought the country to khabir sports Dr. Abdulkadir Ibrahim Cadday. The first person who was taken was the former information of the Somali foot relationship Dr Yasiin Abuukar Arif.

When the two dittoor took each other, they discussed haji aden Abdulle Mahdi. The three decided to build this new relationship in the country.

When the law was prepared to be controlled, the relationship was made for the ministry of youth and sport. Truly, it has taken a big part in the building of this relationship with the next minister of sport and then Mr. Dhuubow.

Because all Somali relationships were built in the presidential cities, and all of them were founded in Mogadishu, it was known that the region of jubada was founded in its city.

The first committee that was elected for five years has become a chairman for Dr. Abdulkadir Ibrahim Caddaay, the first chairman Dr Yasin Abukar Carif, and the information haji adan abdulle and his members.

The world knowledge paper and Africa has been sent to the relationship.

Dr. Yasin Abukar Arif has brought a disease to give him the next chairman.

Haji Adan Abdulle, who is the secretary of somfa, he has advised Dr Yasin to change, abdixaaq Ahmed. Where the second chairman was made from abdirashid bakin.

The first international meeting that happened in France has been part of the country.


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